Kimm  DT13-303-14061 RR/NN
a.k.a. "Mighty"
DOB:  3-2-14
Breeding Season:  2014, 2015, 2016
, 2017,
2018, 2019
We were needing an out cross ram and when I told Bob what we were genetically wanting to bring to the flock he felt this ram would work for us and he has, for 6 years!  Mighty is:
thick, square standing with plenty of muscling through his rack, loin and britches.  His top is level and wide from front to back and he has good spring of rib.  He is heavy boned,
has nice Suffolk character and his fleece is dense with no dark fibers.  His lambs have good get up and go at birth, perform well and are well received by buyers.  Like other Kimm
rams, Mighty is an easy keeper with a great disposition and proving to have longevity.  These are the kind of sheep we like, low maintenance with natural fleshing abilities.  We
have retained quit a few of his daughters and will be retaining a son to use this fall.
~ 2020 Lamb Crop Sires ~

Gary Owens & Fmaily B613
       JCJ OW 1
JCJ 69

SIRE  Kimm DT13-303-14061 (Mighty)

D&T Thomas 42-9
       D&T Thomas 13-303
D&T Thomas 11-102

Heart Lazy P B1228 (Tebow)
       Heart Lazy P T1375 (Stub)
Heart Lazy P K1238

DAM   Heart Lazy P ST1544

Heart Lazy P M933
       Heart Lazy P P1026
                   Heart La
zy P F845
Heart Lazy P - T1375 RR
a.k.a. "Stub"
DOB:  3/7/13
Breeding Season:  2013, 2014, 2015,
2016, 2017, 2018
September 2014

              Slack 5390-3
Gary Owens & Family B613
              Gary Owens Family W63


               JCJ 249
JCJ 59
               JCJ 24

                 Kimm 98004-04171
D&T Thomas 42-9
                 D&T Thomas 06-668

DAM   D&T Thomas 13-303

                 Kimm 07046-10063
D&T Thomas 11-102
                 D&T Thomas 09-965
September 2015
McLaughlin/Griffin 16-31 RR
a.k.a. "Wow"
DOB:  2/10/16
Breeding Season:  2016, 2017, 2018
McLaughlin/Griffin RR
a.k.a. "Griz"
DOB:  2/12/16
Breeding Season:  2016, 2017, 2018
               D. Brothers (1/2 Hamp)
    Grizzly (1/4 Hamp)
                Franklin Buck (1/2 Hamp)
SIRE  Griz (1/8 Hamp)
           McLaughlin/Griffin 12-92 (1/4 Hamp)

                     Hindman Club Lambs 9001
                    McLaughlin/Griffin 1087

 Kimm 10074-11141
       Heart Lazy P B1228 (Tebow)
Heart Lazy P M1066

DAM   Heart Lazy P T15-2 (1/2 Hamp)

        Yeager (Full Blood Hamp. unregistered)
Bizz is a full blood Hampshire purchased from Roselawn Legacy Burton & Pattie Pfliger. We were wanting to add more  Hamp influence to our cross bred
range rams.  We are super pleased with his first lamb crop, really liking the half blood lambs and their look. Bizz is a thick made, deep bodied ram, with
good spring of rib and body capacity. His lambs were quick firing at birth and grew well.  Excited to use him on a bigger variety of ewes this fall
, his
lambs were well received by buyers.

   Hubbard Roselawn 603 "Gibraltar"
       Hubbard Roselawn 912
   Hubbard Roselawn 7-69

SIRE  Hubbard Roselawn 11151 "Yellow Rose"

  Mac Carthy 0046 "Big Mac"
       C Hubbard Roselawn 4-73
 C  Hubbard Roselawn 2-1183

               Hubbard Roselawn 2-1183 "Gibraltar"
       Hubbard Roselawn 912
               D Hubbard Roselawn 7-69

DAM   D Hubbard Roselawn 11178

               Hubbard Roselawn 5-1368
       C Hubbard Roselawn 616
               C Hubbard Roselawn 4-58
Roselawn Legacy 1867 RR
a.k.a. "Bizz"
DOB:  3/23/18
Breeding Season:  2018
, 2019
Heart Lazy P - GR1961 RR
a.k.a. "Rocko" - 3/8 Hamp
2/18/19  Twin
Breeding Season:  201
Rocko is a home raised, 3/8 Hamp, ram that we are excited to use in our breeding
program this fall.  Born and raised a twin, this thick made, heavy boned, deep
chested ram has plenty of foot and spring of rib. He weaned at 99# at 79 days of
age, scanned a 3.61@175# and had an ADG of 1.07.  His maternal grandsire was a
ram we raised called Tebow who also sired Stub who we used within our flock
from 2013-2018.
Heart Lazy P - MM1966 RR
a.k.a. "Zeb"
DOB:  2/1
9/19  Quad raised Triplet
Breeding Season:  2019
Zeb is a home raised registered Suffolk that we are excited to use back in our
program.  He was born a quad and raised a triplet, we retained his sister and his
brother sold at the MT Ram Sale this fall. What an outstanding set of lambs
weaning 251# in 78 days. Zeb weaned at 85# at 78 days of age, scanned a 3.25
@165# and had an ADG of 1.02.  He is built right with good bone and foot, level
topped, heavy muscled with nice spring of rib. His sire, Mighty, has sired some
tremendous daughters for our flock and his dam is a Stub daughter.
December 2019
December 2019
August 2019
August 2019
Zeb & Rocko December 2019
Heart Lazy P - B1228 RR
a.k.a. "Tebow"
Breeding Season:  2013, 2014, 2015,
2016, 2017, 2018
Kimm 03134-06161 RR
a.k.a. "Keno"
Breeding Season:  
2006, 2007, 2008,
2009, 2011
McLaughlin/Griffin 04-62 QR
a.k.a. "Mick"
DOB:  2/
Breeding Season:  
2004, 2005, 2006,
2007, 2008, 2009, 201

Mick is the ram that put us on the
map. The most influential ram we
have ever used, in 90% of our flock
pedigrees.  His lambs grew,
scanned, had longevity and his
daughter's performed.