Our lambs are raised in a clean, stress free
environment with access to pasture and shelter.  
This allows our lambs to grow naturally without
hormones or routine antibiotic use.  Our lambs are
fed a diet consisting of pasture, fresh hay and whole
corn purchased locally.

Lambs are ready for processing starting around mid
June and range from 120 to 140 pounds.  If you are
wanting larger cuts of meat we offer virgin ram
lambs which range from 160 to 200 pounds and are
ready for processing around mid July.  What is a
virgin ram lamb and how do they taste?  Virgin ram
lambs are male lambs left intact that have never
bred.  They are fed a higher concentrate of grain but
rather than getting over fat they continue to grow
which means a larger cut of meat without the
excess fat.  We have put several of these in the
freezer for ourself and they are outstanding.  They
still have the same delicious, mild taste of lamb but
a bigger portion of meat without excess fat.

Lamb is easy to prepare and versatile, lending itself
to roasting, broiling, braising, grilling, stewing or
stir-frying.  We offer whole or half lambs cut and
wrapped to your specification.

We also offer raw boneless or bone in meat that is
reasonably priced for your pet.  We process only
animals that are healthy and the meat is free from
any preservatives or additives. This meat is for
animal consumption only as it is not processed in a
USDA or State inspected facility.
Lambs are sold according to live weight and delivered
locally to customer's choice of processing plant.  Customer
is responsible for payment of processing fees, pickup and
notifying processing plant of cutting/wrapping instructions.  
A deposit of $150 is required to secure lamb with remainder
paid in full prior to lamb being delivered to processing plant.

Customers that prefer their lamb processed, cut, wrapped
and delivered locally to their door will be charged live
weight price per pound, processing fees and a $25 local
delivery charge.  A deposit of $200 is required to secure
lamb with remainder paid in full at time of delivery.  How the
lamb is to be cut and wrapped will be reviewed with the

Delivery is only guaranteed locally in Miles City.  However,
check for delivery availability for those of you living outside
of Miles City as we do make occasional trips to Billings,
Bozeman, Butte and Glendive.